The Rice Husk Burning Boiler Complex


The Durum Wheat Processing Mill Complex


The Pasta Production Plant


The Warehouse


The Pasta Production Plant

The pasta production plant can produce around 72,000 tons of pasta annually. The plant has 5 automated pasta production lines, 2 for long cut and 3 for short cut pasta products.

Packaging Boxing and Palletizing

After the storage of the semi-finished products process, pasta is transported to the appropriate packaging line, applying the following steps:

- Pasta arrives at the dosage system of the appropriate packaging line.

- Pasta passes through the dosage system which set its desired net weight. 

- Pasta is packed and heat sealed in the suitable packaging film.

- Pasta packages pass through: 

  1. a batch coding machine which prints with ink on the packaging film the product’s expiry date.
  2. a weight control machine which detects and rejects packages that do not meet net weight specifications.
  3. a metal detector which detects and rejects packages that may contain pieces of metal. 

- Pasta packages are boxed automatically into cartons.

- Cartons are automatically sealed and stacked on pallets with the use of robotic arms.

- Pallets are automatically wrapped and taken to the warehouse. 

The Production Plant